Saturday, 15 February 2014

Star-birthing Region in the Orion Nebula Case For The iPad Mini

Here's a great iPad case from Zazzle featuring a Hubble-related design. Maybe you'd like to see your name on it? Click to personalize and see what it's like!

here's a design from one of the greats - EarthboundHound,
another talented creative from the Zazzle community!

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Clouds of dust and gas in the Orion Nebula churn out stars in this tiny section of the huge Orion Nebula. The gas is illuminated and heated by ultraviolet light from four hot, massive stars.

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NGC 2359: Thor's Helmet

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This helmet-shaped cosmic cloud with wing-like appendages is popularly called Thor's Helmet. Heroically sized even for a Norse god, Thor's Helmet is about 30 light-years across. In fact, the helmet is more like an interstellar bubble, blown as a fast wind from the bright, massive star near the bubble's center sweeps through a surrounding molecular cloud. Known as a Wolf-Rayet star, the central star is an extremely hot giant thought to be in a brief, pre-supernova stage of evolution. Cataloged as NGC 2359, the nebula is located about 15,000 light-years away in the constellation Canis Major. The sharp image, made using broadband and narrowband filters, captures striking details of the nebula's filamentary structures. It shows off a blue-green color from strong emission due to oxygen atoms in the glowing gas.

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Monogram Carina Nebula, deep space astronomy Desk Lamps

Here's a gorgeous lamp featuring a beautiful image from deep in outer space.

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Galaxies, Stars and Nebulae series A fantastic astronomy photograph showing a panoramic view of the WR 22 and Eta Carinae regions of the Carina Nebula.
The picture was created from images taken with the Wide Field Imager on the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope at ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile.

It's a stunning, fantastic image that reveals a little of the wonder that is our universe.
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image code: crnneb

ESO/J. Emerson/VISTA
Reproduced under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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Potentially revolutionary material: Scientists produce a novel form of artificial graphene

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A new breed of ultra thin super-material has the potential to cause a technological revolution. “Artificial graphene” should lead to faster, smaller and lighter electronic and optical devices of all kinds, including higher performance photovoltaic cells, lasers or LED lighting.

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Graphene's love affair with water: Water filters allow precise and fast sieving of salts and organic molecules

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Graphene has proven itself as a wonder material with a vast range of unique properties. Among the least-known marvels of graphene is its strange love affair with water. Graphene is hydrophobic -- it repels water -- but narrow capillaries made from graphene vigorously suck in water allowing its rapid permeation, if the water layer is only one atom thick -- that is, as thin as graphene itself. This bizarre property has attracted intense academic and industrial interest with intent to develop new water filtration and desalination technologies.

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Helix Nebula Room Stickers

Here's a great wall decal featuring a beautiful image from deep space

after scouring the Zazzle market place for a while, I settled on this as my choice for today. By SayHello,
another talented creative from the Zazzle community!

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Photograph of Helix Nebula by NASA and ESA.

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