Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Neil Armstrong’s Moon Bag Could Fetch $4 Million at Auction

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The bag, which contains traces of priceless moon dust, has been on a wild ride for the half-century since it came back on the Apollo 11.
via New York Times

NGC 4565: Galaxy on Edge

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Is our Galaxy this thin? We believe so. Magnificent spiral galaxy NGC 4565 is viewed edge-on from planet Earth. Also known as the Needle Galaxy for its narrow profile, bright NGC 4565 is a stop on many telescopic tours of the northern sky, in the faint but well-groomed constellation Coma Berenices. This sharp, colorful image reveals the galaxy's bulging central core cut by obscuring dust lanes that lace NGC 4565's thin galactic plane. An assortment of other background galaxies is included in the pretty field of view, with neighboring galaxy NGC 4562 at the upper left. NGC 4565 itself lies about 40 million light-years distant and spans some 100,000 light-years. Easily spotted with small telescopes, sky enthusiasts consider NGC 4565 to be a prominent celestial masterpiece Messier missed.

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Schiaparelli landing investigation completed

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The inquiry into the crash-landing of the ExoMars Schiaparelli module has concluded that conflicting information in the onboard computer caused the descent sequence to end prematurely.

via ESA Space Science

Graphenea meets other technology stakeholders at NanoTech 2017

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Graphenea showed presence at this year’s NanoTech conference and trade show in Washington, DC. The world’s largest nanotech event was co-located with the National Innovation Summit, the National SBIR/STTR Conference, and TechConnect 2017, which made for the largest global meeting on physical and life sciences. Graphenea had a booth at the exhibit and CEO Jesus de la Fuente gave a talk on the role of graphene in next-generation lithium-sulfur batteries. Graphene plays a significant role in improving the cathodes of these batteries of the future.

Photo: The Spain pavillion at NanoTech 2017.

Delivering application-focused research from top international academic, government and private industry labs, NanoTech is an annual event uniquely designed to identify new technology trends, development tools, product opportunities, R&D collaborations, and commercialization partners.  The co-located TechConnect strives to accelerate the commercialization of innovations out of the lab and into industry. The Technical Program spotlights applications focused innovations, materials and devices emerging from industrial, government and academic labs worldwide. The Innovation Partnering Program gathers market-ready, commercially-viable innovations into the largest global technology accelerator program.

Graphenea is always glad to participate in events that bring together innovators, funding agencies, national and federal labs, international research organizations, universities, tech transfer offices and investment and corporate partners. Such cross-sectoral meetings are necessary in today’s connected world and offer a good opportunity to find common interests between technology stakeholders.

Photo: Nanotech 2017 - a busy meeting place.

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