Thursday, 8 February 2018

Researchers build alien ocean to test NASA outer space submarine

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Building a submarine gets tricky when the temperature drops to -300 Fahrenheit and the ocean is made of methane and ethane. Researchers are working to determine how a submarine might work on Titan, the largest of Saturn's many moons and the second largest in the solar system. The space agency plans to launch a real submarine into Titan seas in the next 20 years.
via Science Daily
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Leaky atmosphere linked to lightweight planet

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The Red Planet’s low gravity and lack of magnetic field makes its outermost atmosphere an easy target to be swept away by the solar wind, but new evidence from ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft shows that the Sun’s radiation may play a surprising role in its escape.

via ESA Space Science

Joseph Polchinski, 63, Leading Theorist on Multiple Universes, Dies

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He helped lay the mathematical foundation for the startling idea that our universe is not alone.
via New York Times